Mandatory patent license

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    A mandatory patent license is part of most Consortium licenses. It requires all patented (or even sometimes just "patentable" improvement) to be licensed to all consortium members on the same identical terms. It does not necessarily include required reintegration of new inventions based on the old ones, but it might (that is a separate concern in its own page here).

    Government agencies often are required to offer licenses on patents they file.

    Consumerium License might choose to work within a Green Patent License or open patent regime eventually - retaining the rights until they can be protected and used for self-funding if it can be reasonably argued that these might be workable in practice. This is up to the Consumerium Governance Organization which might use different approaches for different parts of the system.

    See healthy signal infrastructure for a more general framework of something that the healthy buying infrastructure of Consumerium Services might be part of, and which would probably have one or more elements under some such a mandatory license.