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SAFE Network

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The SAFE Network, by MaidSafe Ltd (.net) from w:Ayr, w:Scotland, is a radically rethought approach to the networking and computational needs of people on planet Earth.

According to the internets MAID == Massive Array of Internet Disks and SAFE == Secure Access for Everyone

MaidSafe consists of the SAFE Network and the MaidSafe apps.

The development of the SAFE Network is spearheaded by Ltd, founded in 2006 by David Irvine, that has donated all it's w:patents and code to the human kind. A spin-off/sidekick is The MaidSafe Foundation.

The SAFE Network has it's internal w:cryptocurrency called SafeCoin. It is minable by providing computation and data transmission utilities (non-NOP CPU cycles and bandwidth x time x utilization rate) for the MaidSafe network and farmeable by providing major diskspace.

Currently it is unclear whether SafeCoin will be of value in the sense of being exchangeable with other crypto- and conventional currencies, but if the bookies and/or cryptocurrency afficionados aren't considering buying some SafeCoin to rig the answer of the bet to "Yes!" we'd be surprised.