English Wikipedia User Lir

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    English Wikipedia User Lir is one of Wikipedia's most notorious trolls among its sysops and one of its number one idols to members of the Wikipedia red faction. Perhaps most famously, Lir ran for Arbitration Committee, in an extremely provacative move, making deadly serious calls for bans of Jimbo Wales, Angela and Hephaestos, among various others. His logo in the election was the word CABAL crossed out. According to Lir's supporters, the Cabal was virtually finished up to this point. But just weeks after Lir's loud but extremely unsuccessful campaign, the Arbitration Committee banned him for his deliberately provocative trolling. He continues to attempt rejoining Wikipedia as sockpuppets, for which the sysops are forever vigilant. Snowspinner once admitted his assumption that any disruptive edit from Lir's small Iowa ISP was probably Lir.