Central control

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Central control is the opposite of distributed controll. A control system requires a God's Eye View to assess and coordinate and to allocate resources to all elements of a system. Such systems are almost always initially successful, and authoritarianism may appear to work temporarily:

However in the longer run, with change over time, systems built in this way, e.g. the w:USSR or Wikimedia, have historically collapsed under their own weight for lack of ability to integrate the disparate views of factions, trolls, dissidents and other heretics and learn from them quickly enough to keep up with the various subversions that those apply to the centre.

Like wolves taking down a bear, or dogs taking down a horse, several weaker but determined opponents can almost always overcome a single centralized but more powerful entity. The death struggle sometimes seems noble, but, it is futile: the more Distributed Consumerium will triumph over a centralized but still Transparent Consumerium.