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If something is broken please add it to the end of list.

  • Image uploading is not working
Ok. I got it to work, but disabled it straight away. There was an security problem that I have to fix before enabling it. Juxo 22:27 Mar 18, 2003 (EET)

  • Apache is sending "not changed" http code incorrectly. (Use force-refresh: CTRL+refresh on IE)
This seems to be a known proble in Wikipedia software that is being worked on. Help on eliminating this bug would be appreciated, go to w:Wikipedia:Software Juxo 11:38 Mar 16, 2003 (EET)

  • The email addresses sometimes mystically vanish from the DB. If such thing occours please contact [1]
This seems to be a problem with form saving in Mozilla-based browsers (and possibly others?) -- it saves the blank e-mail addr from the login form and inserts it into the preferences form, overwriting the stored one. The problem goes away upon telling moz not to save the login form.--Juxo 11:38 Mar 16, 2003 (EET), Thanks to w:User:Brion VIBBER for info