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Most large public wiki administrator guidelines simply reflect stupid sysopism: an absolute trust in the command hierarchy of sysops. This has the effect of authorizing sysop vandalism and eradicating New Troll point of view.

In other words, it is the same fascist version of politics as usual that has always prevented trollism, better known as democracy, from taking root.

Now that political party wiki management is more mature, it is easier to see what good guidelines that are more responsive to democracy look like. This will help to set Publish:policy. Please consider:

From which Living Platform we quote:

"Politics as usual is a rough game. We do not have to play the same game. Increasingly, Wikipedia and other wiki based sources will play a role in political debate and discourse. We are preparing users for that. We will benefit from welcoming diversity and respecting each others views. The Green party has a goal of having a participation of 50%-50% male-female ratio. The masculine aspect being rough-skinned and the feminine aspect being thin-skinned, we will all benefit in the long run by learning to listen to each other and to dare express ourselves in a respectful and constructive way so we may co-create a world together. The debate need not be ruled by the extremists. And the extremists need not be ruled out.

That said:

Any ad hominem debate is destructive to Living Platform's goals. If someone's behavior is mentioned or debated it must be in the context of a more general principle. Accordingly if there is no link to some page that is a more general summary of the phenomena described, the comment can and should be removed without notice, and reverted."