Today is LÄSPÄ, which for one thing means that I'm not doing anything else then just relaxing and chilling out all day long. I promise I'll get down to the real issues real soon.


I'm really exhausted and I gotta rest some time before I get back into action. I managed to salvage the hand-outs I got so I'll be shifting thru them soon.


Back from the ESF and still a little in recovery. Unluckily I lost all my notes I made in the seminars and other happenings so please if I spoke with you in there get in contact with me as I lost all URLs and email addresses


I'm in London at the ESF networking, learning and informing people about our efforts. I have some flyers I'm distributing. Here are the files (slightly modified compared to the physical version) Outside Inside


Some interesting links on stuff that could be used to evaluate what to "publish" and what not Meta: Article validation (discussion of (dis)advantages and Article validation feature by Magnus Manske (coming soon) has been around somewhile and an earlier version was mentioned somewhere around here a while back ago.


Got my machine back from maintenance yesterday and now email is rerouted and everything seems to be working.

I can reveal that we have some interesting stuff going on behind the scenes and we have a major plan about the future of retail to release when we get Research Wiki pilot running.

I've noticed that some of our missing-page files are still wrong.... working on it

Should be dealt with now. I replaced the hardcopies with symlinks everywhere.