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    Transport is a feature of product (or the product itself) Transport is a part of logistics. Modes of transport (and type of energy consumed):

    Ecologicality of modes of transport[edit | edit source]

    Sea vessels are basically very ecological even if the transported distance goes into the thousands or tens of thousands of km.

    Rail traffic is practically free, at least for heavy cargo, to operate once the huge investment of building a rail network is done.

    Trucks consume a lot of fuel, especially for heavy things. Studies have found that the larger the truck is, relatively it consumes more energy.

    Airplane is the most unecological way to transport things as the CO2 footprint is very high for aircargo.

    Figuring out transportation distances[edit | edit source]



    So if you know of any open content sources to get road/railroad/ship/airtravel distances between places it would be most welcome.

    Figuring out energy efficiency[edit | edit source]

    From w:Energy efficiency in transport we can figure out the transportation costs are if we know the logistics route: Usage of fuel/kg/km transported for all transport types

    Ship tracking[edit | edit source]

    Various ship-tracking services exist that get their data feed from w:Automatic identification systems. AIS tracking become mandatory on all ships since 2004 [1] as IMO requires ships over 300 w:gross tonnage to install an AIS w:transponder on board. The transponder transmits vessel position, SOG and COG (speed and course over ground), ship name, ship size and next port of call.[2]

    AIS uses w:Maritime Mobile Service Identity codegroups for ship ID

    The w:National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) is a US-based marine electronics trade organization setting standards of communication between w:marine electronics.

    An w:ENI number (European Number of Identification or European Vessel Identification Number) is a registration for ships capable of navigating on inland European waters. It is a unique, eight-digit identifier that is attached to a hull for its entire lifetime, independent of the vessel's current name or flag. (Wikipedia)

    AIS tracking services

    AIS tracking services for businesses

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