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    "Fairly traded is a feature of a product. Partially Fairly Traded is a feature of a product, meaning that some raw-materials or parts of the product are fairly traded. (eg. In restaurant meals) Partially Fair Trading is a feature of a company, meaning that some part of the company's business deals with fairly traded products. Fully Fair Trading is a feature of a company, meaning that the company deals only in fairly traded goods."

    You can't seriously tell us that these labels are used by anybody?!?? We can't make them up ourselves, as they are meaningless, and bad grammar besides. Stick to labels actually defined by FLO please.
    We are planning to implement these since many products are processed way beyond just Cocoa, Sugar, Coffee, Tea etc.
    Actually cocoa is very processed, much more than coffee or tea or sugar. In fact sugar is almost always consumed with cocoa, so... you have to start with the beans...

    At least safe trade has a reasonable definition thanks to Greenpeace. If fair trade is defined so badly, perhaps we should just forget about it in our standard label scheme.

    Nope --Juxo 13:57, 3 May 2004 (EEST)
    Then you have to offer a genuine test as to what is and is not fair trade, that is, list the specific tests/labels. If you can't do this, you can't affect the Consumerium buying signal. Hand-waving doesn't count.