Ruling party

The ruling party is a political party that holds executive power.

In diplomacy, any gang of thugs, cabal, creeps or goons that can form a faction and control the armed forces, can pretty much call itself a ruling party, and international law will eventually be forced to recognize it. See types of countries for varying attitudes on this.

Swapping out one ruling party and replacing it with another, usually by force, is called regime change. This term can also be used more trivially to describe changes of sysop on large public wikis but this is inadvisable, as it trivializes the horror and danger of real regime changes. This is one of many reasons to avoid using terms like online community - we prefer Consumerium social club to refer to the people who patroll this wiki.

Dealings with a ruling party are particularly important to transparency. A major issue with Transparent Consumerium would be the vulnerability of anyone who had negative things to say about the ruling party's own common interests with itself, or with others globally, to revenge inside the country where the party rules. For this reason, outing ought to be a very serious concern of the Consumerium Governance Organization, since it might risk someone's life by naming them.

Consumerium Trolls attempt to set the correct rules, i.e. those acceptable to the CGO, in advance of any serious situation, in essential projects, by insisting on rules appropriate for large public wikis, e.g. IP number in developed nations that have human rights protections, and stricter anonymity in developing nations and any that has a serious human rights problem, like a rogue state presumably.