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    Psychiatry is the profession that tries to put labels on what is in other people's heads, and tells them what to do about it to change their behaviour. In Germany this requires a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy (so that you can tell insanity from oh say quoting Heidegger or Foucault), and only then can you go through your pre-medical and get anywhere near the pill dispensary. In North America, no knowledge of philosophy is required, and people who simply agree with the 20th century's greatest philosophers are regularly fed pills by force simply for failing to buy enough consumer products. As a result, anti-psychiatry activists normally call themselves consumer survivors after the culture they reject, which victimizes them. They are likely quite easy to convert to political consumerism, but they would react quite negatively to a sysop power structure that even allowed labelling of others' motives or permitted them to block IP for philosophical observations, cutting the poor people off from others they trust and like. So being troll-friendly is a pre-requisite to attract these people who know the most about the culture we would like to affect and change. Many "patients" are in fact trolls on an online forum somewhere, and we could make better use of them than most of those.