MeatballWiki is mostly a vanity online service of Sunir Shah, seemingly devoted to:

  • Pro-technology propaganda especially promoting the wiki process itself as some kind of silver bullet useful to solve every problem.
  • The questionable virtual community thesis, now coming under severe attack from serious sociologists for de-emphasizing body and family elements of community, which always includes some degree of shared bodily risk or threat absent in an online service. - As an obvious example, their use of the term BarnRaising is quite insulting to the w:Amish, w:Hutterites and w:Mennonites.
  • "Outing" or "shaming" opponents of the above theses after superficial attempts at engagement. Evidently Shah considers this opposition to be some kind of cyber threat, wholly consistent with the thesis that somehow the idea is just as valuable as the person (thus threats to the idea must be considered the same as threats to the person). In one notable incident Shah interpreted a prediction of regime change at Wikipedia as some kind of bodily threat against persons, stating that view at Meta-Wikipedia.

Although MeatballWiki' attracts some serious participants, it's editorial policies manage to outdo Wikipedia in all three ideological biases, which is quite a feat.

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