Former Aral Sea Shores

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    Welcome to Former Aral Sea Shores where non-paid trolls and non-paid-admins mingle and murrmurr

    Welcome to Trollböle, Former Aral Sea Shores
    Dried fish.. on a banana leaf. The bones become fragile when dried.
    Smoked fish. Hard to argue with a good smoked fish.

    Current activities consist of:

    • w:Fishing with nets
    • Repairing the nets
    • Watering the plants in the #Badland Gardens
    • Dancing, drumming and chanting
    • w:Kiteboarding
    • Painting
    • Gnawing
    • Building
    • Editing
    • Cotton jokes
    • Commiemism jokes
    • Randomly reassembling ethernet cables into ethernet ports of the routers, switches and servers to see what happens
    • Capitalism jokes
    • Anarcho-Anarchism jokes
    • Drying fish
    • Raw picling fish
    • Making fires
    • Smoking fish - Yum. Neh, neh, neh.

    We do hope you will enjoy your stay at FASS.

    Badland Gardens artist portrayal

    Badland Gardens[edit | edit source]

    Trolls and editors need to tend to the Consumium Badland Gardens. The plants need water and love like articles need editing and wikilove.

    Irrigation Controlls[edit | edit source]

    Irrigation controlls seen here are analogic.

    Here you can ask your questions if you have any about Consumerium.