Former Aral Sea Shores

Welcome to Former Aral Sea Shores where non-paid trolls and non-paid-admins mingle and murrmurr

Welcome to Trollböle, Former Aral Sea Shores
Dried fish.. on a banana leaf. The bones become fragile when dried.
Smoked fish. Hard to argue with a good smoked fish.

Current activities consist of:

  • w:Fishing with nets
  • Repairing the nets
  • Watering the plants in the #Badland Gardens
  • Dancing, drumming and chanting
  • w:Kiteboarding
  • Painting
  • Gnawing
  • Building
  • Editing
  • Cotton jokes
  • Commiemism jokes
  • Randomly reassembling ethernet cables into ethernet ports of the routers, switches and servers to see what happens
  • Capitalism jokes
  • Anarcho-Anarchism jokes
  • Drying fish
  • Raw picling fish
  • Making fires
  • Smoking fish - Yum. Neh, neh, neh.

We do hope you will enjoy your stay at FASS.

Badland Gardens artist portrayal

Badland GardensEdit

Trolls and editors need to tend to the Consumium Badland Gardens. The plants need water and love like articles need editing and wikilove.

Irrigation ControllsEdit

Irrigation controlls seen here are analogic.

Here you can ask your questions if you have any about Consumerium.