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    Export-Import is implemented in core MediaWiki.

    Current Export facility status[edit | edit source]

    • Viewable at Special:Export
    • Code is at SpecialExport.php in the includes/ sub-directory
    • Takes a End-of-Line separated list of article names to be exported
    • Check-box for only current vs. full history export

    Current Import facility status[edit | edit source]

    • Broken and not viewable in under 1.3.0beta3 releases
    • Code is at SpecialImport.php in the includes/ sub-directory
    • Prompts for XML-file to upload

    Aimed export-import functionality[edit | edit source]

    • What we would need is a myriad of wikis with radiobuttons to choose from which wiki to import and do it live, not manually saving and uploading the file.
    • Also what is needed is suffixing and/or prefixing the imports so that we could have Article, for imported from Research Wiki to Publish Wiki Article (Wikipedia), for articles imported from Wikipedia, Article (CorpKnowPedia), Article (Disinfopedia) and what have you.
    • Batch importing
    • Memory (Import log)
    • Version control (don't import if it ain't changed)