Distributed Consumerium

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    Distributed Consumerium is Transparent Consumerium but requiring no Central Services of any kind for working Consumerium maintenance even in developing nations. They can do everything themselves, without help at all. They can set different standards and run their own content wiki etc., but of course governments and corporations cannot interfere with them doing so either. At this point we would rely entirely on Consumerium License and there would be no active intervention or control or governance that worked at all. In some ways this is the state that free software is already in, but, of course, free software can't pay for its own hardware and data integrity and deployment, and that's one of the things that Consumerium Services should be able to do - become self-funding even in countries which are quite poor.

    It is a long term goal and probably can't happen until there is healthy signal infrastructure with many people protecting it and paying for it in many countries, and some history of using it as a healthy buying infrastructure so that people won't settle for cheap substitutions. Going distributed too soon is a risk, and leads to some worst cases and indeed some of the threats that are probably not possible as long as Central Services and the Consumerium Governance Organization exist.

    One way to reduce the risk is to encourage use of a faction license scheme that establishes constructive contract relations between all participants no matter how their joint values might vary.