Consumerium protocol

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    A Consumerium protocol would be the most effective way to move the Consumerium buying signals around. It makes Distributed Consumerium possible. See REST for the way to build this by extending HTTP - and reference [1].

    In best cases, it is supported on any box involved, which can serve temporarily as a server box. If the protocol requirements can be resolved, then this would be the last step to a Distributed Consumerium.

    It might also obsolete the Consumerium Governance Organization since this protocol becoming a standard and an audit being defined to some global accounting standard would mean no responsibilities were specific to Consumerium Services, but were taken on by many global trade bodies as a whole...

    ...if they can be trusted of course. Many trolls would not trust these institutions, but, it is not clear that the CGO can be made troll-friendly enough for them either, so...