Consumerium Publish pilot

A Consumerium Publish pilot to complement Consumerium Research pilot: In this pilot, the users are chosen specifically to be easy to support, as the anticipated issue of deployment is the technology (only). Some likely elements include:

A worn devices cooperating arbitrarily with no friendly retail, to see Publish Wiki output - the Consumerium buying signal. This would require at least Publish Wiki and a couple of friendly retail locations to better refine performance requirements and hardware requirements.

It would test mostly technical issues and not be particularly controversial in content terms or user faction terms. There would be nothing factionally defined in this effort, it would simply report price premiums per barcode, and might test NFC capabilities if these are already in use (but it should not wait for them to be deployed, it's barcodes for now only).

Suggest the current Lowest Troll is well qualified to run this project, while some much meaner tougher trolls with a deep knowledge of the law should run the Consumerium Research pilot which is much more controversial.