On deletions

The lone sysop Juxo reserves the right to delete any page that harms our cause of providing information for making buying stuff less destructive socially and environmentally and stuff and feedback channel(s) for enhanced interaction between consumers and corporations and more then it helps it any time without taking it up on Consumerium:Proposed deletions for now. Later a less despotic policy will be set.

Juxo, The Sole Despot of Development Wiki of Consumerium Project when doing such unilateral deletions promises to save the full histories in XML form in a retrievable file, but not visible to search engines, all deleted articles that have even some sense or wisdom or errors to be learnt of for future's sake, excluding articles that are either obscene in content, contain threats or unnecessary insults or just otherwise chosen not to be of the archievable kind by our local psycho-despot, yours truly Juxo 21:16, 29 Sep 2004 (EEST)