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For now, this Research page is for contributing to and starting research projects.


[edit] Research in Wikipedia

[edit] Editors needed:

[edit] Yet to be started:

[edit] Fairly complete:

[edit] Deleted for some reason:

[edit] Wikipedia:Wikiprojects:

[edit] Other articles:

If you find something interesting in Wikipedia that seems to be complete (no need to research it further) please put it in Interesting articles in Wikipedia

[edit] See also:

[edit] Research in Meta-Wikipedia

  • m:Geospatial reference this just started and it's very important for proper utilization of Wikipedia for our content - includes most of m:spacetime_DTD but should also mention m:ecoregion_DTD for XML-based exchange with other services (insane to exchange data in anything but XML)

[edit] Research in Consumerium

[edit] Ownership

[edit] By country


[edit] By subject

[edit] Locating Company information:

[edit] Other places of research

[edit] Research in SourceWatch

[edit] Research in Wiktionary

Translation work will begin soon in Wiktionary. I'll start a word and glossary list of what needs to be translated there just as soon as I figure out how do it properly.

[edit] Useful resources in doing research

The w:Open Directory Project at The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors. The contents are licensed under Open Directory License, which is a restrictive form of an w:Open content license.

Google offers a more sophisticated view to the contents of so here are some useful directories

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