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guys, what the hell are you talking about? i go to wikipedia, click on 'discuss this page', click on 'criticism', and there is 'consumerium', and some weird thing comes up talking about reds, and this and that and the other. what the heck is consumerium, how about starting off with that?

hello people. make it plain, make it simple, make it understandable english.

See Talk:Wikipedia (neutral), Talk:Wikipedia (Reds), Talk:Wikipedia (Richard Chilton) or Talk:Wikipedia_(142_trolls) to comment on any version of this article. This page is only for discussion of how Wikipedia relates to Consumerium, not an attempt to rehash all of m: and etc.

OK, let's be clear: what is the relation of Wikipedia to the GFDL corpus, and of that corpus to Consumerium, legally and editorially?

How exposed are Consumerium:We to their lies and stupidity?