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142.177.X.X/Embarking on a wiki witchhunt

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Some English Wikipedia User reportedly performed vandalism against

"Reportedly"? Who reports this? You are the only person to report this. Have you become a news agency instead of an troll? --Juxo 11:17, 29 Aug 2005 (GMT)
Good idea. Let us start Troll News International to complement Trollnesty International
No. I meant that you referred to a stupid and unsubstantiable theory of yours are something that's been reported

Consumerium under the name User:Juxhomosexual, a name that seems to deliberately attempt to insult or smear our beloved Lowest Troll:

Yeah yeah, big deal
sniplet of RC log removed as containing no information of any use and bad googlebait

Some English Wikipedia User is a known sysop vandal who deliberately restores lies and libel in Wikipedia's pages, and will block IP of those who object or point out that the behaviour is illegal and creates legal liability for Wikimedia. --Juxo 11:17, 29 Aug 2005 (GMT)

The user you are blaming for the recent vandalism lives in the east coast of US and If you would have bothered to trace the IP:s (see Special:Logs block log for the IPs used by the vandal) the vandal is approximatelly in L.A. Ok, in the strict sense this does not prove anything, the machine in L.A. could be a drone that has malware installed that allows the TCP/IP traffic to be relayed so that it appears to originate from that machine etc. etc. --Juxo 11:17, 29 Aug 2005 (GMT)
Trolls do this all the time, swap IP numbers. Now how do you explain that the User:Juxhomosexual and User_talk:Juxhomosexual page redirected to [[w:User:User_name_removed]]?
Simple. After the last erasing of the Aug 26th vandalism I forgot to set interwiki redirections off. Now all interwiki redirections have been disabled.
You are engaging on a Wiki witchhunt and imposing Alleged and collective identity without any proof at all. Where is your integrity!? You wrote those articles and now it seems that anything anyone else does is bad and you can do what ever you please without sticking to avoiding the practices you judge or deem as bad practices. Have some sense will you.
The evidence was stated: the timing (within minutes of sysop vandalism by [[w:User:User_name_removed]] on English Wikipedia, these pages appear. The outcome is consistent with a user who had set their mediawiki pages to all redirect to their Wikipedia page:
This is no evidence.

This occurred just before (like minutes before) the attack on Consumerium itself. This is not ethical trolling, because it involves using administrator powers to propagate falsehoods.

Well, that isn't a Consumerium related matter. Take your fights elsewhere.

Realizing that they had accidently set the Juxhomosexual user pages to redirect to their Wikipedia identity, they covered their tracks by changing the redirect.

No they didn't. I can see the deletion logs and no such change was ever made. Get your facts straigth. I just deleted the user and talk page and banned the user for 3 years
The redirect isn't on Consumerium, it was on Wikipedia.
That does not make sense.
And writing "covered their tracks by changing the redirect" (in a MediaWiki) is either or all of:
  1. ) Completely ignorant
  2. ) Stupid
  3. ) Plain non-sense

--Juxo 11:17, 29 Aug 2005 (GMT)

You are blathering. This explanation of events is coherent.
No, It's you that is blathering. Anyone with the required knowledge can tell that it's you that's claiming hunches as facts.

In any case, since "User_name_removed" is not a real human's name,


this is nothing but an attempt to knit multiple identities together.

yes, if you are describing what you yourself are doing

Yes it is alleged and collective identity but sysop vandals do not declare (as they should), "hello we are the sysop vandal faction", they simply do damage to all wikis and claim it is by right.