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    The United Nations (UN) (.org) is the only place where all nations have to get together and talk without killing each other. Well ok mostly without.

    The flag of the United Nations sports their signature light blue colour.

    There are several reasons Consumerium cares about the UN. For one thing, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (w:UNESCO), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (w:UNHCR) and other organizations within the UN have information we can mostly trust and that we want in our content wiki. The UN has as close as we can really get to a neutral point of view on some questions.

    Finally, if there is ever world government, Consumerium Services will surely be either the biggest challenge to it, or the biggest part of it. This should start with safe trade standards and move on to at least elimination of ape genocide and slavery (both already illegal, not economically or politically necessary anywhere).

    Key organizations for Consumerium within the UN System[edit | edit source]

    UN organizations[edit | edit source]

    International Labour Organization[edit | edit source]

    The w:International Labour Organization (ILO), founded in 1919 is a w:United Nations agency that sets w:international labour standards and promotes social protection and work opportunities for all. (Wikipedia)

    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)[edit | edit source]

    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) (.org) was set up in 1947 by ECOSOC. It is one of five regional commissions of the UN.

    • Its primary goal is to encourage greater economic cooperation among its member States.
    • It focuses on economic analysis, environment and human settlements, statistics, sustainable energy, trade, industry and enterprise development, timber and transport.
    • UNECE activities include policy analysis, development of conventions, regulations and standards, and technical assistance.
    • UNECE has 55 member States. However, all interested UN member States may participate in its work.
    • Over 70 international professional organizations and other non-governmental organizations take part in UNECE activities.
    • Provides all sorts of fun papers such as 20-page PDFs describing what apples are.

    UN/LOCODE database by UNECE[edit | edit source]

    UNECE is the organizer and source of UN/LOCODE location identification and transport function database, that is apparently in widespread daily use in the world. It effectively identifies all junctions of international trade.

    UN/CEFACT information interexchange system[edit | edit source]

    UN/CEFACT is an information interchange system by UNECE.

    International E-road network[edit | edit source]

    w:International E-road network is another trade facilitation initiative by UNECE.

    World Intellectual Property Organization[edit | edit source]

    WIPO (.int) is a specialized agency of the UN that deals with issues regarding w:intellectual property protection.

    • Read more in Wikipedia: w:WIPO

    WIPO and Consumerium[edit | edit source]

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