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Talk:Amoral purchasing

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This seems to be about the individual's idea of w:fair trade or w:safe trade and so is about the individual's basic ideas of fair and safe.

It cannot be about what the individual thinks is "done" because nothing is really "done" until the political economy says it is, i.e. there is no more recourse to challenge the transaction without challenging the whole "system".

But, we all have our own ideas of what is "done" anyway, just like what is hitting "back". So if we can't define these four words for ourselves we probably cannot say what is moral. Something like that is said in m:Simple View of Ethics and Morals and maybe that should be our guide to where to focus? Or what to ask Consumerium users to determine their morality for purposes of telling them what we think they should know?

"Micro-economics of consumerium" we might call this question, but we need to know what is at least not justifiable consumption, e.g. Kit-Kat McFlurry for an obese person.