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I am the Wikipedia user known as 172. I'll like to add a couple of corrections. First, the "praise of North Korea" is not mine. A number of similar comments have been found on other pages, and have been brought to my attention in the past. If you take a look at the pages, you'll see that anyone can post anything under any name. Also, if you take a look at talk pages on Wikipedia related to North Korea, you'll see me make comments expressing approval of U.S. actions to undermine that regime (mostly though "soft power" as opposed to "hard power"). Second, the name "Abe Sokolov" is not mine. (It is the name of a late relative of mine who does not share the same last time.) I use it as a name attacked to my Wikipedia email account in order to remain anonymous. Third, I've had a recent détente of sorts with Plato and Lir, so I don't know if I qualify as an opponent of the "red faction."

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