Strange articles

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    • Life exchange - this is really weird though it just might be that it's 142.177.X.X who wrote it is just thinking in a really radical way. It has some good points about dolphin-safe tuna vs. regular tuna. But the reason I'm moving the link here is because 142.177.X.X is using the word "profit" when talking about campaigns, which doesn't make sense to me. Profit is something expressed in money or otherwise increases buying power and there is no money involved in campaigns, it's about opinions and facts to support those opinions.
      perhaps 142.177.x.x simply meant to use the word 'prophet'? (which could apply to campaigns)
      or profit equated to power? (generalization?)
      More of a self-funding issue. This is not so radical if you understand the styles of capital and John McMurtry's and Michael Benedikt's analysis. Give it time.

    Inherently strange articles that are needed in development process anyway.

    • Best cases - an article by our local control freak
      Some of the best cases can be very strange, and may appear not great to others. But the best way to make these and the visions less strange is to add your own.
    • Visions - sheer dystopia/utopia sci-fi hybrid