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    Open Food Facts (.org) is a crowdsourced non-profit open database, web app and mobile apps of food products initiated in 2012 by French programmer Stéphane Gigandet. It is limited to foodstuffs only by the contract, others will be removed and clearly seeks not to be political.

    The database is copylefted under w:Open Database License, database entries under Database Contents License and the uploaded photos under CC-BY-3.0 Creative Commons so the database and the photos can be reused in other services so it would seem a good place to contribute as open data is available in various formats.

    w:Nutri-score is a nutritional grading system adopted by the French government in 2017. This is one type of information found in the Open Food Facts database because it is on the label. Nutri-score can be approximately calculated for also for products that do not have it on the packaging.

    Information verification is based on photos of the labeling on the package. Adding information not featured on the label seems to be forbidden, probably to avoid legal problems arising.

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