Interference with commerce

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    Various forms of interference with commerce are considered civil liability or crime in some places, due to unwise decisions by certain politicians. It is 100% certain that Consumerium Services will violate some of these laws in some places, as they are actually impossible to obey.

    Examples include:

    • "defaming food" which is used in particular in Texas to silence critics of its meat industry
    • denial of service attacks which are classified as the bogus concept of "cyberterror" in some countries that passed stupid laws after 9/11
    • various trademark claims made against people who are engaged in parodies or exposing brand name products

    Providing information at point of purchase that discourages a purchase is certainly illegal in some places, but obviously this is what Consumerium buying signal itself really must do. Accordingly, the Consumerium Governance Organization needs a standard protocol of response to such claims by anyone that Consumerium itself facilitates interference with commerce.