Free time

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    Maximizing human free time is the goal of human development theory.

    Its chief advocate is w:Amartya Sen.

    It is relevant to Consumerium in several ways, seewhat links here

    Some proposals for monetary reform actually relate currency directly to some standard of free time. Some Canadian beer companies seem also to support this sort of idea, as more free time for Canadians means more beer is consumed. Also, beer is effectively currency already for Canadian teenagers, who keep track of obligations to each other in terms of "beers" (plural), e.g. "I owe you three beers, eh?"

    Since it takes free time to drink beer, there is a correlation between the value of the beer, and that of the free time given up to earn money to buy it, and that of the free time used to drink it. Understanding this in great depth may be a task of the Consumerium Governance Organization, whose paid trolls will probably work for beer alone.