We document infrastructure in order to fix things. This may or may not include improving features or deploying them them to new channels and regions. We might refer to the Develop Wiki as the fix facility, suggesting fix.consumerium.org meaning "fix consumerium org", potentially a very high level action. This would nicely complement a merged Research Wiki and Publish Wiki. The naming scheme would then be:

  • en.consumerium.org/page
  • fr.consumerium.org/page
  • fi.consumerium.org/page_in_Finnish_whatever_that_is
  • fix.consumerium.org/page is Develop Wiki page on the same issue or thing, e.g. "fix consumerium [org] governance" implies that the page is about fixing the governance - the only reason one would go to that page is if one has a concern about governance and wants it addressed. Why else does one go there? If you wanted to find out about governance you'd have gone to
  • en.consumerium.org/governance NOT
  • fix.consumerium.org/governance

Very simple, no need for complex subdomains, fix being only in English.