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English wikipedia user Plato was the founder of the wikipedia red faction, he is well known for his oppositon to wikipedia's establishment. He goes to UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada although not much is known about him thanks to his dymanic IP. Plato's main goal was to form a power structure to oppose the so-called cabal of wikipedia (see wikipedia red fraction); and also to generally reform wikipedia by creating a written constitution.

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Early Attempt to form the red faction (note: dated 10th of Dec. 2003)

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Quotes by Plato

"Interesting....sort of like our MTV Culture in America (as I jokingly put it), it seems even wiki (which i thought was above the Fray is not) gets afraid of "gadflys" such as yourself and I.--Plato 06:18, 17 Mar 2004 (UTC) [1]"

"I will get banned from wiki eventally because no one on this site (expect you and few others) like someone who speaks the truth. You where right no one on this site thinks highly of anyone who doesn't fit into there mold--Plato 03:07, 18 Mar 2004 (UTC) [2]"

"I feel wiki should lay out guidelines for what is and is not offenive, because syops are GODS on this site, they may do as they please. (note I will speak to Jimbo on this issue!)--Plato 05:50, 17 Mar 2004 (UTC) [3]"