Display card

Electronic display cards

Instead of using paper for standard display cards in stores (which would have to be rewritten almost every day for current information) there is a highly developed electronic paper (invented recently in the U.S.) ready for the market. These electronic display cards have already been tested in a sample super market store to update the prices for each product every day. The electronic cards are connected wirelessly to a main computer in the store and from there on to the head office. An integration of a buying signal would be a piece of cake. You only have to convince one some market chain to pick up the idea... (the others will follow).

The main advantages are:
_ 24/7 real-time information about a product directly at the shelf in the store - if the buying signal is connected directly to a buying signal database somewhere on the internet
_ no more hands-on price taggings, nor installing any extra stuff for the buying signal - thus no effort for the staff nor for the buyer necessary
_ daily price changes (which occur very often) are easily done by one person in the head office

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