Consumerium itself

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    This is the standard name for links that describe the mission of the entire project.

    Changing this name is very ill advised. A bad, strongly protested, move to Consumerium:Consumerium itself, was being made repeatedly in 2005. This was an example of sysop vandalism. It simply moved things from well defined readable names where they can be found, to bad names where they cannot be found. Names no one could guess.

    fate[edit | edit source]

    Consumerium itself, as a service, is in flux. It was unavailable for editing for many months, and has no mechanisms nor Consumerium Governance Organization in place to ensure that contributions will not be wasted or pages frozen and thus fall out of date.

    Also, the ecolabel movement has matured to the point where Consumerium needs to converge strongly with it, and there seems to be no will to do so, nor even document in the FAQ how ecolabels and Consumerium must converge to provide actual services.

    In Japan, keitai uses are emerging to challenge the role of services such as those defined by Consumerium. For instance, to compare price via barcodes is now common using cell phone cameras. Obviously, Consumerium itself, to be relevant, would need to offer services such as the price premium calculation at that critical moment.