Amoral purchasing

If there is moral purchasing there is also amoral purchasing, buying and consuming which cannot be justified as reasonable in any formal ethical or moral system. What can Consumerium do about that? What can anyone do? And, hasn't this been noticed by many before?

The following was deleted as speculative after sitting for a year as part of the Wikipedia moral purchasing article, and having been edited by many people: Links are to Wikipedia articles to retain the original context of the section:

can amoral purchasing survive?

Whether such (moral purchasing) systems can converge or align to reflect some global ethic across many individual moral codes or moral cores, or if they are doomed to hopelessly diverge based on human foibles and hypocrisy, it appears that moral purchasing can only become more important as a study, as a practice, and perhaps even as a science.

The drastic gaps in access to justice and opportunity in global markets suggests that total inattention to non-price non-functional factors in purchasing may be doomed to backfire. Marxist economics indeed held that prices, driven down by commodity markets in various forms of labor, would ultimately alienate the "working class" sufficiently to revolt against capitalism.

Globalized opportunity means also global threat, and the spread of conflicts in supplying nations very often to the consumer. As the Internet spreads and the capacity to determine the moral liability attached to any good or service improves, so too does the probability of some legal or military liability also attaching to the item.

The article continued to speculate on forming a new political economy.