142.177.X.X has an especial antipathy for Gus Houwenhoven and wishes you would help her/him stop Gus in his destructive business 142.177.X.X is a total Troll
142.177.X.X is like superparaniod
142.177.X.X is hopping around 32K address space to keep the operators off track
142.177.X.X is propably from Canada (propably something.ns.sympatico.ca)
142.177.X.X likes Great Apes and Greenpeace
142.177.X.X pretends to use "Mozilla/0.99 (Commodore 64; I; 1234K)"
142.177.X.X has sometimes opposite to the trollnature managed to write whole new articles that aren't misleading, incomprehensible and ultrademanding to fix for those trying to keep some sense to all of this, but actually informative and well written, such as Styles of capital
142.177.X.X is a w:robot; it examines wiki history for controversy and pastes text into related articles.
142.177.X.X is a w:cult; it has beliefs, priests, rituals.
142.177.X.X has a wiki, Lsb or http://let.sysops.be/wiki/ with evolving ontologies and fresh material around the year :D

142.177.X.X is most famous for the amazing feat of succeding to write w:Formal method for evaluating and quantifying ethicality and morality of human actions and kept it off w:Wikipedia:Votes for deletion for a looong time. Now the article has been deleted

That was obviously ad hominem delete, i.e. sysop vandalism. The title was only the title you chose, because, you chose it. Certainly it was a worthy article and should be retained under a title like formal methods for ethical valuation which means the same thing. If an article stands for years and is only deleted when Tim Starling notices it referenced here, well...
Thank you. But the credit belongs only to my souped-up Commodore 64. It is a very wise machine.
Nonsense. Machines cannot be wise, only intelligent.
But perhaps that article is simply *correct* and can thus be used to design the consumerium version of the method?

if 142.177.X.X does not mellow down the Trolling she/he should be vary of seeing a very pissed off sysop driving a truckful of Kit-Kat McFlurry around

Now that other trolls are here to help, we shall soon have a funny garden.
A very funny garden indeed. Our transmitters must spread by our green agents randomly placing them (garden insect variety), and then those with more specific interests moving them to the right places to serve the right users. (self-assembling network topology).
Trolls agree. Cross linking is critical, so pick phrases carefully in titles. It is impossible to fix this later, if the phrases are wrong.

Legendary quote of 142.177.X.Xs' from Propaganda:

"Propaganda is not what we do here."

142.177.X.X often accuses other people of doing things or not doing things that he then proceeds to do or not do, respectively. For an example see http://develop.consumerium.org/wiki/index.php?title=Talk:False_and_unsubstantiated_claims&curid=2818&diff=5266&oldid=5259 (about the complaint about the way that 142.177.X.X merged of Anthere's replies to his allegations with the allegations) and http://develop.consumerium.org/wiki/index.php?title=False_or_unsubstantiated_claims_of_corruption&curid=2782&diff=5261&oldid=5260 (where he makes edits not mentioned in the summary and removes someone else's (mine) edits while adding his own elsewhere in the article) --Juxo 18:52, 14 Sep 2004 (EEST)