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I put all the old and new material under GFDL on 10.3.2003
I put the first XML/DTDs under GPL on 15.3.2003

Jubohi, a geek with a difference, an academic CS drop-out, in Finland. Jubohi recycles paper, cartons, bottles, metals. Jukeboksi does an odd English-Finnish-translation on Wiktionary every now and then. Jukeboksi also writes articles in Wikipedia, especially those relevant to Consumerium goals that have a significance for other folk too. He lives in Helsinki and is working on becoming a professional perl programmer.

  • You can contact me on the talk page or
  • on IRC (Freenode), where I use the nick jubo2 and hang around in #Consumium ( webchat link )
  • by GSM +358 44 27 11 365. (3^3, binary 3, days in a year). Simple in geeky kind of way, Eh?

You can also find me at

POV area starts here, you've been warned

Got a Wordpress blog - – blogging from 1000 clicks south of end of land. Totally POV.

The recipe database is coming to a digital device near you, this time it might be for real ;)

Trolls know of recipes available for this sort of use. Imagine the power of gourmet chefs' recipes being used as the criteria (if no organic chef would use this in a light!), or linking in Slow food. Yum.. neh neh neh <-- standard troll satisfaction sound.

Consumerium article names in general should refer to a term used by the designers for software naming conventions. The process of agreeing on naming conventions will happen the other way around the other way around, but hey what are Wiki's for.

Less redirections then in Wikipedia, if some article naming is not preferred, then just let the article wither away.

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Remember to[edit]

  • Get an RSS-feed running
It's about time for this, actually. And fix the mod_rewrite to do the standard wiki URI. And a new Front Page to be the Main Page Consumer (perhaps with User:DanKeshet's help). These three things would make it radically more attractive for people to come here to edit stuff. Until it's done, you can probably expect only more trolls.

Why Oh Why...? -section[edit]

  • I can't find a Bluetooth digicamera? I really want a dry-wipeable drawing board and a Bluetooth digicamera so I can draw diagrams etc and just upload the image.
Found one from Sony, but it's expensive. Though surprise surprise, it can act as 6,5fps wireless webcam, but still the price tag is too steep for me
  • And why is no-one developing a car where alarms/doors/ignition can be locked/unlocked using Bluetooth? Think of the dynamics this would add to w:Car sharing and rentals even leasing and back-leasing and owning cars fusing all of previous much closer (Time limited car keys, disposable car keys...). If Bluetooth became an industry standard in car locking it would seriously reduce the urge to own one in places where w:public transport is feasible.
For more in this look into User:Jukeboksi/Bluetooth Car
  • And why have I been editing for 16,5 hours straight. Seems I need a life. Jukeboksi 04:12 Apr 16, 2003 (EEST)