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Welcome to consumerium. I hope you find it a nice place to contribute to further enhancing the possibilities of every consumer --Juxo 22:08, 10 Mar 2004 (EET)

Yup. Suspect DK could contribute to edits, votes and bets.
And, the "consumerpedia" idea is basically a pile of Consumerium:intermediate pages, so, no reason not to start creating those right now, with whatever format, and we'll work it out as we go. Do be bold in this respect, as that is a poorly fleshed out area.
But do bear in mind that since this is the Development Wiki formerly known as R&D wiki you should bear in mind what is stated in What Consumerium RD Wiki is not
The thorny questions of how to do Consumerium:intermediate page format to allow for cutting down the pages into the Consumerium buying signal based on individual buying criteria probably can't even be addressed without many good example cases... so we need some test pages, e.g. based on charcoal or tantallum and such, and context for them, which are gathered at Consumerium User Stories. Also contributions to best cases and visions are always good to get going on the project, show how it interests you without worrying about anyone else cutting you down, etc.
Also since we still hope to have some of the data in such a format that Automatic assesments can be done this puts further problematics into the Consumerium:intermediate page format-design. See Features for list of assesments that were originally planned. Consumerium Services basically states similar mission description but more from a WikiJuxo 21:37, 11 Mar 2004 (EET)