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Hello there Maybe you would like to take an user name so we can communicate more efficiently. It is of course totally up to you if you wish to remain anonymous for some reason, but since your contributions seem to be fairly well thought out and not trollish it'd be nice if you had an identity. Juxo 13:46 Jul 2, 2003 (EEST)

Trolls encourage 66 not to do so. If the best thought out contributions are by anonymous trolls, then, that will force the project to remain open and not become like Wikipedia, a clique run by a cabal. No offense to Juxo, but, some things can only by avoided by correct protocol, and not by good intentions.
Anonymity is selflessness. It matters what was written, but not who wrote it. Also, IP addresses expose the same publicity as people on the street.. which is more than timid pseudonyms do. 05:28, 25 Nov 2003 (EET)
Agreed! What a troll-friendly view!

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