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Trolls suggest that we not have a Consumerium:Village pump, since that has completely false associations with "community", and instead consider having Consumerium:gnawing_at_the_roots page where trolls can fest and fester and be festive. These of course would be both the roots of empathy (google this, you'll be impressed) and also of the world tree - ecology and empathy being, ultimately, the same (to trolls anyway).

How about Consumerium:Aral Sea Shore and Consumerium:Amudarya and Syrdarya? Now as to the question to where which is for sysops and which is for trolls I haven't got a clue. --Juxo
Those might be places Trolls and Sysops can go to fight, as there is really no nature there left to be destroyed... not on Aral Sea anyway...

Also, the existing logo is nice with the flowers and all, but the world tree would really be more decisive and inclusive - and of course troll-friendly.

The "Logo" is a "no logo" and there will be no logo before we get some Consumerium Services running --Juxo 16:46, 27 Jan 2004 (EET)
Fair enough. So what is the next step? Technology can't be it, since you think it is about Bluetooth high-tech and trolls think it is about low-tech low power FM radio... "You take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland afore ye!" - Robbie Burns, whose day was yesterday

What does this have to do with consumerium? 22:21, 17 Jan 2004 (EET)

Read the above, which you should have done before writing that.
Metaphors matter. Choice of metaphors is, largely, choice of participants.
If this is not clear, then try "a nine night stay in a birch tree."

No doubt it will be quite clear by then!