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Mediawiki is by most metrics the most successful wiki implementation.
Uncyclopedia is an endless parody of Wikipedia and more

The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian expression "wiki wiki" == to do something quickly. The inventor of the first wiki, Ward Cunningham's wiki from 1994-1995 is still running.

Wikicode is perhaps the quickest way for a human to enter hypertext. There are more than one wikicode in existence but quite naturally the one used in Mediawiki, the software that runs Wikipedia and many other wikis.

How to read wiki In mediawiki an external URL will have a small symbol after it to indicate a link not internal to the wiki or reached via the interwiki mechanism.

Notice that internal links and interwiki links have slightly different color with the interwiki links being lighter in hue. If unable to tell just hover over the link and see where it leads to.

A red link means that the target of the link does not exist in the wiki in question.

How to edit wiki?

Use [[w:Fairtrade]] to link to Wikipedia's article on fairtrade and [[w:fr:Commerce équitable]] to link to the article in the French Wikipedia as simple as that. ( works for all languages, just insert the correct lang code )

This wiki has InstantCommons activated so all Wikimedia Commons images can be used on this wiki with the normal syntax: [[File:Filename.png|thumb|right|100px|Caption text]]

Wikipedia tutorial pretty much explains how to edit wikicode.


Here in this development wiki we are currently discussing Wiki management questions regarding future consumerium use of WikiWikiWebs. These will mostly implement the actual Consumerium Services or Features which are either

See Language vs. Area for thinking about division and integration issues.

List of Wiki related articles[edit]

MediaWiki and MediaWiki modifications proposed to serve the Consumerium Services note - these are controversial and would implement a permission-based model which is contrary to most wiki ideologies
tikiwiki - already has the MediaWiki modifications but are these really required? trolls say no
MoinMoin and Python - more suitable for worn device integration and wikitext standard support
Wiki management - outlining wiki management problems, both here and in general
revert currency - a currency to make wiki management more predictable
WikiVote - a type of vote cast for a campaign in Opinion Wiki. Also other types of votes have been proposed see The Consumerium Exchange article on this