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Here in this development wiki we are currently discussing Wiki management questions both regarding future consumerium use of wiki. These will mostly implement the actual Consumerium Services or Features which are either

  • Opinion Wiki/Research Wiki - two names for the same thing, though some concepts are defined with a rather specific idea of one or the other

List of Wiki related articles

MediaWiki and MediaWiki modifications proposed to serve the Consumerium Services note - these are controversial and would implement a permission-based model which is contrary to most wiki ideologies
tikiwiki - already has the MediaWiki modifications but are these really required? trolls say no
MoinMoin and Python - more suitable for worn device integration and wikitext standard support
Wiki management - outlining wiki management problems, both here and in general
revert currency - a currency to make wiki management more predictable
WikiVote - a type of vote cast for a campaign in Opinion Wiki. Also other types of votes have been proposed see The Consumerium Exchange article on this