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Wikicompany no longer exists, but the domain is there. Wikicompany existed apparently from April 2005 to unknown. Need to contact ( if possible ) to find out if we could have access to the information they accumulated when they existed.

Wikicompany is a community built, free content, worldwide, business directory.

Mission statement[edit]

The vision of Wikicompany is to create an up-to-date, global, multi-lingual, business information service about:

  • Company profiles
  • Job positions
  • Product presentations
  • Company points of presence (service-points/stores of a company in a region)
  • Business events
  • Business news

In general, Wikicompany should evolve to be able to register most of the common knowledge of a company.

Wikicompany and Consumerium[edit]

Wikicompany is "a free-content business directory", which I guess that they are concentrating on B2B (Business to Business) information, which is good for Consumerium since we are concentrating on C2B and B2C information.

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