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A wiki is an hypertext system where making links is very simple and fast for collective editing. All genuine wikis, such as this development wiki (which is one of many mediawiki-based services) have persistent history so that all old versions are available for retrospection. Thus it is possible to tell for instance that this page has been reverted many times to remove spam.

Wiki linking and how it works in mediawiki is one of many topics discussed in this development wiki. This will be mostly of benefit to new trolls. See wiki best practices for other information of importance to newbies.

wiki mindset

For more sophisticated views of what goes on politically and organizationally in wikis and related mindset see:

proposals to reduce political problems

revert currency - a currency to make wiki management more predictable
WikiVote - a type of vote cast for a campaign in Opinion Wiki. Also other types of votes have been proposed see Voting or Votes on this

wiki content

wiki front ends

MediaWiki and MediaWiki modifications proposed to serve the Consumerium Services note - these are controversial and would implement a permission-based model which is contrary to most wiki ideologies
tikiwiki - already has the MediaWiki modifications but are these really required? trolls say no
MoinMoin and Python - more suitable for worn device integration and wikitext standard support

relevance to Consumerium

Many Wiki management questions arise regarding future consumerium use of wiki. See Wikis for discussion on several proposed wikis that filter information flows to enable Consumerium Services or Features. These accept input, processing, and provide output that becomes the Consumerium buying signal: a Research Wiki and Publish Wiki to complement this development effort are presently proposed:

See Wikis for more on these wikis that enable Consumerium Services or Features.

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