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Idea of an new feature:

The colors and shapes present in a packaging of a certain product. This would be.... mmm... interesting. Datamining this would provide such shocking news as 100% of toothpaste packaging contain the colour white ;) I'll iterate on this Juxo 01:29 Mar 18, 2003 (EET)

Idea of an new feature:

Ecologicality of support (administrative) functions. Do they recycle, do they turn off machines that don't need to run during night. Small things but easily assessed, if other proof then the company's own statement is not required.

Idea of a new feature:

Distinguish between functional packaging and decorative packaging. Build a packaging matrix to automatically assess pros and cons of different alterenative styles of packaging for some product group Juxo 01:29 Mar 18, 2003 (EET)

New Hardware Requirement

Bluetooth keyboards in stores for giving feedback --Juxo 10:46 Mar 21, 2003 (EET)

Figure out what it would take to make DTDs editable in the Wiki. We would need some special mark-up to determine start and end of code sections, so that all the DTDs could be automatically extracted into a tar ball.

bullets are from http://www.webfoundry.com.au/graphicslib/indexMain.cfm

for Bluetooth Car (an off-topic thought of mine):

http://www.comtec.teleca.se/bluecan.asp - CAN-to-Bluetooth Gateways

Visit sometime: (requires registration)


Figure this UN mess out.... zillions of access points to approx. the same data: http://www.unece.org/etrades/download/downmain.htm

Search: Office for Harmonization of the Internal Market (Intra EU trademarks office) : FOUND!!!

Search: "Madrid Protocol" and "WIPO"

COMMERCIALOh my: http://aura.research.microsoft.com/ Advanced User Resource Annotation. I registered, I logged in, I browsed it all, I found nothing of interest. Pretty graphics though

COMMERCIAL http://profileshowcase.foodprofile.com/internetshowcase/default_sman.htm Limited search for food products in US & CA, Using Company name, Brand name, UPC code, Product group, Product description or SCC. Very good interface. Gives UPCs + Product names + (SCCs if available. Apparently ~2000$ registration + 1000$ per annum for full service. Copyright situation unknown. Uses standard IFDA format (International Foodservice Distributors Association)


Idea of Consumerium condensed into a few sentences:

The "mad" explanation:

Idea of Consumerium is to provide a service, that can be accessed by consumers via the mobile phone of tomorrow, free of charge, where information on qualities and quantities of various goods and the qualities and quantities of the processes that produced them is negotiated in a way which resembles a stock exchange, a democracy and a family quarrell depending on how you look at it. Juxo 22:20 Sep 21, 2003 (EEST)

Remember to add check-out consumerium to features one of these days

Allow Reverse Conceptual Instruments for Negative Information on Consumerium Exchange? Negative? What's that? Anybody jumping up-and-down and shouting systemic bias!? Yes. I can see you trolls, but if just tell you to shut up or go reverse the UN principles will you please do it? I was thinking of sheltering behind UN's back from the Future Flame Wars or FFW for short. I hope no-one asks for Reverse Conceptual Instruments cause I'm just too exhausted from all the things going on.

What on earth does RCI mean?

It could be something in the form of Lists of companies with no alleged discrimination incidents against whichever group of people blaaah. group of people could then be like... a religious stance or something and it is always a good thing not to build interdependecies between money and religion, so please if you can hold it don't ask for it. Or what am I saying? Fork off! ;)

..... ..... ....