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Free Megaspeaker event in Helsinki

Monday 2016-06-27 at the Radisson Blu Royal Helsinki

Why are you looking to become a great speaker?

Who is JT Foxx?

How to make it?

Types of speaking

  • Keynote speaking
  • Education
  • Platform speaking is the most profitable speaking arrangement

Tips for successful speaking

  • Front-end-model
  • 90-minute preview
  • 12-o-clock or 6-o-clock event. Investors at 12, wage laborers at 6
  • Best days to do a preview are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Situation awareness
  • Solve problems
  • Make yourself valuable
  • Mission -> Vision -> Culture
  • You should have approx 15 marketing triggers in your speech
  • 40% of speaking is the fundamentals and 60% is coaching and branding
  • If someone else sells you it is more convincing than if you try to do it yourself
  • Pricing psychology is important

Event formats

  • 90-minute preview model
  • 3 hour preview
  • One day event
  • 2 day event
  • Promoter does Promotion and takes approx. 50% of the revenue to cover his costs and make a profit.

Securing an audience

  • Registration (1100 for this event)
  • Confirmation (682)
  • Show-up (282)

Pricing speaking events

  • Free event (show up usually 16-18% of confirmed)
  • For charge event (show up 10-20% of confirmed)
  • Freemium


On branding

JT's tips for making a biography video

  1. Best moment in your life
  2. Worst moment of your life
  3. What other say about you
  4. Vision – Where you are going next?
  5. Have other people describe you in one word
  6. Close with coming the full circle

Planning your slides

  • Starting slide with your authority title. Make it good but realistic.
  • Show results
  • Utilize brand association
  • Mission by story
  • Content slide - either a chart or other graphic
  • Issue a challenge
  • The "but"-slide
  • What is holding you back?
  • Do you want my help?

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