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User:Jukeboksi/Blog/January 2013

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There was an server outage in noon EET approx 1:50-2:05 in duration. Contacted the hosting people about it as the server wasn't responding to http or ssh and they replied it's in the works and little later services were restored. Both and both sent an email alert but no SMS was received as promised by the freebie account with it's free 20 SMS alerts. As I suggested to them they should send a "Welcome to SMS alert." to the newly registered so that it would be explicit that the SMS alerts are now configured in such a configuration that they work when they are supposed to.

There is still one problem with the voting plans.. what to do with votes of accounts bannhammered onwiki? One instinct would say to cancel them all. Another would say that would lead to abuse of power. One aspect is that it'd actually interesting to calculate the results of only banned users but maybe still exclude them from the main counting. But excluding votes by banned onwiki users would lead easily to sysop vandalism.


With the emergence of DBpedia, Wikidata, Translatewiki and the mw:MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle ( with Universal Language Selector and other multilang / i18n candy ) our job is getting simpler and simpler..


Back-ups made and verified today.


Ait.. Main server is paid till April 2013 and some of the The /on/troll's accounts are blocked for 3 months and a strong indication that if it doesn't want the rest of it's accounts and IP's blocked also it needs to stop being a stupid bot by a stupid human and talk at this user page User talk:Maksimchebrukov2018. Surely we will allow registered bots to edit wiki but needs to look into obtaining a better w:CAPTCHA to stop these semi-automized bots from registering accounts and getting to vote with those accounts. No body is not welcome in the voting booth.

The voting plans as they stand provide simultaneously the following

  1. protects the consumer,
  2. is resilient to information warfare and
  3. provides interesting playground for people to play the Consumium social media game