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We need to focus on and solve the outstanding issues to get Consumerium Services or Features running. It is clear that we aim to cover more ground then CorpKnowPedia or The Matrix since we intend to cover besides companies also products and product groups. It is much contested to we work better by referencing or engulfing the other similar services.

Using GetWiki we could both reference and engulf at the same time. Can Getwiki take different articles from different wikis? Say by a set of rules that might look for articles on Proper Named entities in one place, say CorpKnowPedia, and generic terms in another place - say Wikinfo ?

It is clear that we need to establish a working relationship with GEPIR and Product registries and Internet UPC Database. For that we need to establish Consumerium Governance Organisation to be able to negotiate deals with these establishment and authoritative sources.

Don't at least one of these orgs give out their data to more or less anyone who asks on a nonprofit basis? If not then yes you are correct.

Start August 2004:

everyone seems to be holidaying for the time being.

or trollidaying