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This is me.

Juho Kunsola, Founder and Lowest Troll of, a geek with a difference, an academic CS drop-out, in Finland.

Juho recycles paper, cartons, glass, metals, plastics and biowaste. Juho also writes articles in Wikipedia, especially those relevant to Consumerium goals that have a significance for other folk too. Lately I've enjoyed editing Wikivoyage. I have done some Wiktionary edits back in the day. I live in Helsinki, Finland.

I put all the old and new material under GFDL on 10.3.2003
I put the first XML/DTDs under GPL on 15.3.2003

Contacting me

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Users by language
  • You can contact me via email
  • or on my talk page or my Wikipedia user page.
  • or on, where I use the nick jubo2.
  • or you could give me a ring at +358 44 27 11 365. (Finland calling code, DNA operator, 3^3, binary 3 and the number of days in a year). Simple in geeky kind of way, Eh?

Blogs about Consumerium development

Fun and useful

Other sites paid by me


Ban Covert Modeling! wiki is a call to legislators everywhere. BCM! wiki's How to protect yourself and others from covert modeling is a one good place to start to learn about various things to do to protect the humans, the communities, the judiciaries and the police and the humankind. is a general-purpose continuation of a study wiki on business administration disciplines I kept 2012-2016. could be moving to a more SEO friendly domain name. Accounts to available on request.

Other sites paid by me

Some recommendable reading

  • Die Börse - I have this in Finnish and it is a very good book from 1894-1896 written by homie Max Weber. It was originally published in a leaflet series intended to educate the workers of the era about the stock exchanges. Should be mandatory reading for economics students even today
  • VIOLENCE DES PACIFIQUES - "Violence of the Peacemakers" is how it is translated to Finnish. It's from the 1968, Vietnam War era.

Some items in Finnish

Innovations by Juho

Why Oh Why...? -section

  • And why is no-one developing a car where alarms/doors/ignition can be locked/unlocked using Bluetooth? Think of the dynamics this would add to w:Car sharing and rentals even leasing and back-leasing and owning cars fusing all of previous much closer (Time limited car keys, disposable car keys...). If Bluetooth became an industry standard in car locking it would seriously reduce the urge to own one in places where w:public transport is feasible.
For more in this look into User:Jukeboksi/Bluetooth Car
  • And why have I been editing for 16,5 hours straight. Seems I need a life. Jukeboksi 04:12 Apr 16, 2003 (EEST)