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It's not actually possible to talk about some of these serious problems in the world without talking about the policies that cause them. While we may not want discussion of companies and the damage they do in the Development Wiki we probably *must* talk about the institutions of world government and how they fit together. Else people just don't understand the development priorities, what information matters, etc., which is clearly what this wiki is all about.


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and new viruses that jump species into humans and kill large numbers of people (sometimes using factory farms as incubators on the way, though the new virus almost always comes from a newly damaged forest area or wild bird/animal population).

There is no reference as to whether this should be taken seriously or if it's a pipe theory of a few individuals and besides viruses are a medical matter much more then a consumerium issue.
Now you are stupid again. HIV, SARS, and Ebola are all examples of species-jumping virus from regions previously unexplored. The Kinshasha highway in Zaire is called "the AIDS highway". Read the book "The Hot Zone"
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