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What links here should probably be reviewed and everything it says about the role of this all-important last stop for data discussed.

Time to figure out how the Consumerium buying signal is actually approved.

Here's an interesting piece of code developed by Magnus Manske, unused on Wikipedia but maybe useful for the Consumerium Process. It allows users to flag some article as validated on a number of issues ie. style, legal, completeness, facts, suitability for "final" release in the Publish Wiki.

Its use for custom meta-tags such as "no index", or faction tags may let us easily and reliably control what gets indexed by search engines. This might make it possible to unify Research Wiki and Publish Wiki where articles flagged indexable would be considered "published" and those with "no index" to be still in research stage. With all of the faction tags the undisputed gnawlij could immediately become the Consumerium buying signal.

User:Juxo also reports: "Apparently Magnuses' code does not include tags for robots but according to Tim Starling this would not be difficult to implement. The main problem being that once an article is indexed and then some seedy characters add questionable content how does one get Google etc. to stop indexing it. Apparently there is yet no way to remove pages from search engines on request."

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